business transformation

Transforming an organization into a 'connected organization' requires fundamental change. New tools, techniques and concepts - requiring transformed skills, transformed working methods and the use of emerging technologies. Organizational leaders recognize that Service Line executives need to serve as partners in setting strategy, achieving business goals and dealing with emerging issues. Thus, the connected organization will have been transformed with significant shifts in resources from transaction processing to performance based business decision support.

Previously standard business processes such as planning, program service delivery and corporate services are being transformed by new concepts such as rolling business plans, value management and electronic service delivery. The transformed connected organization is leveraging integration strategies, optimizing client relationships, fostering innovative electronic service delivery and maximizing cost effectiveness and program accountability. There is considerable room for innovation and the resulting benefits can be dramatic!

Click the image above to view a larger version in a new window. inc. has developed business and finance transformation models for clients that are consistent with their vision and objectives. Our Business & Finance Transformation service supports operational and financial information management strategies used to strengthen organizational effectiveness and accountability.

We have identified key business transformational challenges:

  • Business Decision Support. The new broader business decision support challenge is to create value by managing client-centric needs through integrated performance information. Capitalizing on relationships with citizens, partners, employees, suppliers and other government agencies requires an understanding of what 'return' each category of stakeholder requires. We answer what business decision support elements are required.
  • Strategic Resource Allocation. Traditional resource allocations based upon historical activity are no longer appropriate. Total business resource flows are now the key focus, as aligned with corporate strategy. Witness the fundamental shift in GE's core business. Just a few years ago, GE's core business was manufacturing, whereas today it is focused on meeting customer needs through strategic business units. Resource allocation based upon historical concepts is deadly! How should your organization prioritize investments in human resources, stakeholder and client relationships and other non-financial assets? We identify strategic resource allocation approaches that support transformed electronic service delivery.
  • Enabling Integrated Strategy. To enable the connected organization, enterprises need to identify their strategic integration imperatives. The Internet and electronic transactions have created not only a vast new marketplace for information, services and goods but also innovative ways to conduct business. How do service line executives strategically guide the organization to implement an integrated service delivery strategy? How can the organization develop and communicate the longer-term business case for integration? We understand how the Internet will impact organizational knowledge management and business delivery mechanisms.
  • A Dynamic Business Planning and Forecasting Process. The control-focused annual model for budgeting (sometimes absorbing 3 months of the business cycle) has become obsolete and reflects a vulnerable organization. As an imperative today, the business planning process must be dynamic instead of static - leading instead of lagging! How can your organization bridge strategy, process and implementation through dynamic business planning? We thread a strategic value philosophy throughout the business planning process. inc.'s Business & Finance Transformation service focuses on helping clients transform their business models into to enable integration and information based management capabilities. So, who is defining your Business & Finance Transformation strategy? GO THERE!™

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