(re*search, ri*surch'), n. [ Fr. Recherche]. Diligent inquiry or examination in seeking facts or principles; an experimental investigation, v. to search or investigate again.

(in*gen*uity), a. [L. ingeniosus - ingenium - cleverness]. Possessed of cleverness, resourcefulness or inventiveness; clever or original in conception or design.

Our iResearch consulting service investigates emerging practices and sound strategies for the integrated economy. Our research tools include scenario development, policy research, integrated business strategy formulation, and survey analyses.

As business moves beyond the connectedness agenda, iResearch has become pivotal; to shape emerging trends; and to provide the foundation upon which strategic organizational decisions are made. Without a vision based upon iResearch, where are you heading? The key focus is to move towards an integrated organizational management model through continuous strategic, tactical and operational strategies.

Scenario Development and Policy Research

Successful leadership in a period of rapid and fundamental change calls for innovation, insight and creativity. Scenarios are powerful planning tools to help decision makers understand and accommodate future uncertainty and risk in strategic planning.

Scenarios are specially constructed stories about the future. They are tools that help you focus on different plausible futures and play 'what if' in a non-threatening environment. A good decision or strategy to adopt is one that plays out well across several futures.

To find that 'robust' strategy, scenarios are created in plural, such that each scenario diverges markedly from the others. These sets of scenarios are essentially, specially constructed stories about the future, each one modeling a distinct, plausible world in which we might someday have to live and work.

The purpose of scenario planning is not to predict the future, but rather to show how different forces can influence the future in different directions. It is very important to realize this, for this procedure helps to identify those forces if and when they happen. When this is accomplished, the ability to better respond to future events is increased.

Business Strategy Formulation and eSurveys

Business Strategy Formulation is used to support, refute or query integrated business trends and the impacts of emerging frameworks and technologies on organizational strategies.'s iResearch service is supported by an automated eSurvey tool, which incorporates analytic strategies. Our experience in soliciting views and consolidating the results for decision making, using the eSurvey tool, have provided critical information and knowledge in strategic planning and eBusiness strategy formulation.

Our iResearch and Strategy Development service helps decision-makers understand the future in an ever integrated world. So who is transforming your research into a critical strategic resource? GO THERE!™

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