Strategy Alignment

Strategy Alignment is more than processes and controls. It is about integrated performance information management and connectedness. For a successful integration strategy, organizations need persistent access and leverage to knowledge and information. This is an imperative.

Organizations who take a 'knowledge perspective' to integrate processes and controls across the service delivery chain, end up learning and leveraging knowledge from interactions with clients, suppliers and stakeholders. Strategy Alignment is about connecting horizontal processes and controls across the organization through the deployment of your processes, systems, people, finances, geography, and delivery mechanisms to improve service delivery.

The formulation of an integration strategy requires less structured and shorter strategy formulation attempts. This implies that the traditional strategy formulation process needs to give way to continuous experimentation and solutions prototyping. The result is a "connected organization".

Strategy Alignment embodies a connected organization. For organizations and government, integration is totally consistent with financial information strategies and modern comptrollership practices.

Successful organizations of tomorrow will have to excel in:

  • Building Networked Business Models – connecting value-exchanging entities;
  • Realizing Sustainable Economies of Scale – applicable to both a discrete and integrated basis;
  • Focusing on Core Competencies – acquiring skills and assets where required; and
  • Forging Trusted Relationships – trust between stakeholders and clients.'s vision of integrated strategy straddles the key areas of organizational activity and involves:

  • optimal use of the organization's knowledge and information resources;
  • increased productivity due to reduced friction in internal operations;
  • integration cost savings; and
  • horizontal connectivity over geographical boundaries.

What are the emerging integration standards? Where are the emerging trends? Will your approach be relevant? Our integration strategy designs help clients reach their operational goals. So, who is defining your integrated business strategy?

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